Lucid Dreamer

Lucid Dreamer, a Dallas based Christian Rock, Praise and Worship band, have been providing a ministry of music in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area since the band came together in 1988.

Originally, Lucid Dreamer was a secular band playing a mix of Classic Rock Covers and original tunes. Soon after their formation, the focus began to shift to what the band had termed, “Positive Rock,” which led them to the desire to focus their talents to the Christian Music scene. With original songs like Better Way, God Won’t Let You Down, The Day and Don’t Runaway, the band established itself as a powerhouse trio with a classic rock style.

Currently the band is working on a new CD with a release date of December 2011

Troy Adcox - Drums, Vocals

Troy Adcox was born in Jackson, Mississippi on July 31, 1968. Began piano lessons from his mother when he was 8 and received his first drum set, a Powersonic beginner model, when he was 12. He performed at church from the age of 13 on .

By the age of 15 he began playing 80's metal tunes with Walter Pierson on guitar. The two teens met Edward Ruiz from Troy's high school, Sunset High in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, Texas. They soon formed a band BACKFLASH and another Sunset friend, Frank Ramirez joined them on the bass. A year later Frank Ramirez moved to Lancaster, Texas and long -time friend and bassist extraordinaire Jeff Wade completed the foursome. After a couple of years and a few gigs later BACKFLASH disbanded and each member moved and or went thier different ways.

By 1988 Troy was looking for another band to play with, when he met David Norcross at Beefer's hamburger joint in Grand Prairie, Texas. A guitarist/ singer / songwriter formerly in the classic rock cover band ROUTE 66, David recruited Troy for a new project he was developing, LUCID DREAMER. Along with Jeff Norrod on bass/guitar and Jeff Wade rejoining Troy and newcomer Joe "Maui" Roman on guitar.  The new 5-piece was soon reduced to a 4-piece when Jeff Norrod left to pursue other ventures.

After a few gigs this line-up became a 3-piece.

Troy's primary influences as a drummer are Ringo Starr, Alex VanHalen, Louie Weaver, Nicko McBrain, Robert Sweet, and Jerry Gaskill. His latest drum is his Remo Earth Djembe and he plays Yamaha kits , Zildjian cymbals and Vic Firth sticks and rods. He firmly believes that a cowbell and tambourine have a place in modern rock drumming and uses his whenever possible. He believes that the groove is more important than technical playing and no, he still cannot twirl his drumsticks! Say Hello to him at a LUCID DREAMER gig near you!!!! 

David Norcross - Guitars, Keys and Vocals

Born 5-30-62 in Arlington, Texas, David has been interested in music practically all his life.  "My father played guitar and I learned the basics from him.  Hank Williams songs." David learned a few chords but actually began playing bass guitar.  He received a Harmony Bass and amplifier for his tenth birthday.  He started to learn Partridge Family songs before too long.  His drumming brother got him to play a few rock songs on the guitar that David started playing guitar more than bass. 
In 1979, David was ready to get serious about being in a band.  He began writing songs about this time too.  His first project, since his brother was playing in another band, was to find a drummer.  He did in his best friend Jeff Norrod.  Together they tried to find other schoolmates to join but it were not successful.  The project was also without a name.  David liked the name that his brother had made up called Royal Flush. He bought the name for $5.00. After three years and different ideas, David and Jeff decided to call it quits. 
David waited for the opportunity to play by honing his skills and writing more music.  In 1985, Jessie called him up to see if he would be interested in playing in an oldies band.  Together they drove to Oak Cliff to meet with a guy named Vince.  He had PA equipment and that was a good start.  The three hit it off and Route 66 was born.   After playing for a couple of years the band broke up. David began working on his own music again  It was the fall of 1988 when he met Troy Adcox.  Together along with his old high school chum, Jeff,  Lucid Dreamer  was formed. It was during this period that David began recording a demo tape of original songs. 
Troy introduced a bass player friend of his during this time as well, his name, Jeff Wade.  After a couple of years and some personnel changes, the band became a threesome, David, Jeff W. and Troy. A job change forced Jeff to move.  David invited his brother, Jessie to join.  These three were the ones that played at a grand opening in nearby Cedar Hill.  It was for a 50's Cafe, owned by Vince and the band played 50's-60's-70's Rock.  Vinny was asked to sing a few numbers.  It was the first time in six years that Jessie, David and Vince played together.  Ideas began to float.  By April of '94 Vinny and The Jets were formed.  The band continues on today playing private parties, grand openings, etc.
During the 90's Lucid Dreamer was performing off and on.  Most notably at the Summer Shows for promoter Larry Locker.  The Christian Music Festivals, mostly held at Bachman Lake in Dallas were somewhat successful.  During this time, the band had wanted a distinction between the Lucid Dreamer band and the one that was playing all Christian music, so they renamed the band Zion, but recently returned to the original name.  David continues to write music for the band.
"I really enjoy the friendship that I have with Jeff and Troy and that really helps within the band. "

Jeff Wade - Bass, Vocals

Jeff was born in Farmers Branch, Texas on 12-2-66.  He is currently a resident of Heber Springs, Arkansas, where he resides with his wife, Tonya and their children, Sean and Renee.
Jeff grew up being influenced by Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, Billy Sheehan and Steve Harris and it shows in his playing. He actually started out playing drums but switched to bass in his first band, BACKFLASH, whose drummer was Troy Adcox.
After a short and mildly successful stint, the band broke up.  Jeff joined RFC, (Radicals For Christ)as the bassist. The band featured Troy Adcox on drums & vox, with Walter Pierson and Edward Ruiz on guitars.  The band was together from 1985 to 1988.
In 1988, after the dissolution of RFC, Jeff received  call from Troy concerning a new band he was getting into with a guitarist, David Norcross, from Grand Prairie. The band was a cover band of all kinds of music.  The band was LUCID DREAMER.
Out of the band's desire to play "Positive Original" tunes, the band moved into a Christian Rock environment and changed their name to ZION.
At the same time, Jeff was asked to help out with a project that David was putting together for a 50's Cafe in Cedar Hill.  The project became Vinny and The Jets.
Equipment wise Jeff has a Nordstrand SC5, a Zon Sonus Custom fretless 5 string, a Hamer CH12 12 string, a Euphonic Audio iAMP 800, a Schroeder 1210 cabinet, and of course Hugo, the colossal Peavey bass amp.
It was Jeff's knack for putting more into his bass lines that earned him his nickname,  "The Embellisher, " and not a play on the word.