By 1993, the band had been well established.  Playing various gigs whenever possible.  In 1993, David landed a job for his old friend Vinny at Vinny's 50's Cafe in Cedar Hill.  After discussing with Vinny, Lucid Dreamer performed on opening day.  The band at this time was David, Troy and Jessie.  Jeff was around but for some reason, he was not available.  Though the day was jammed packed and the band didn't get to play that much, it stir up some interest with Vinny and eventually the discussion resulted in the guys returning for Country Day on the Hill.  We played at Vinny's and then they were asked to move to the main stage for three numbers.  Though billed as Lucid Dreamer, they knew there would be a name change in the future if this line up continued.


Before too long, discussions between David and Vinny resulted in Vinny and The Jets.  With a lineup of Vinny, David, Jessie and Robert.  After a few gigs, Jeff was brought in as a bassist with the idea that we could rotate musicians during the sets since Robert was a drummer and Jessie could play guitar, bass or keys.


So even though VATJ's began taking off, Lucid Dreamer was still active.